Olivia Goldin

Olivia Goldin


  • Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD)


  • Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology


While overcoming her own obstacles with weight management, Olivia became fascinated with the role that nutrition plays in body composition, performance, and overall health and wellness. In 2017, she completed her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences with a concentration in Dietetics at Louisiana State University. She then attended Tulane University to complete her Dietetic Internship, where she experienced rotations in clinical, community, and food service nutrition in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. After obtaining her license as a Registered Dietitian, Olivia returned to Baton Rouge to pursue a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology while working as a Graduate Assistant Performance Dietitian with LSU Football. She later transitioned to a full-time Assistant Performance Dietitian and earned her certification as a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD). Olivia has professional experience working hands on with numerous male and female athletes – Football, Baseball, Women’s Basketball, Indoor Volleyball, Men’s Tennis and Women’s Tennis. Whether you are new to the world of fitness or an elite athlete, Olivia is passionate about helping you develop a nutrition routine that supports your personal goals with realistic and evidence based recommendations.

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